Sunday, December 9, 2012

Online Store

And for the nth time, late post again!

Last November, I received a message from a friend inviting me to do a shoot for her online store. What do you expect my reaction would be? Of course I said yes immediately! I actually want to become a Barbie doll one day just to wear different outfits and the thought of it makes me smile. I do love dressing up and I love wearing dresses. The thing that scared me or I should say I was kind of hesitant that time because I'm not use to wearing high heeled shoes. I don't have hot pairs of stilleto or whatever pumps you call that. Haha Good thing, friends brought shoes with them and some fits me well! :)

These are some pairs. I know they really look lovely but my feet really hurt when I wore those. What kind of girl am I right? Haha But I'll get use to it, I should, I must! (Really huh?)

So here are some of the dresses I modelled. Click here and check out more clothes!

Dresses were from Bangkok. I so love colourful outfits, really! It's making my mood light and happy.

Is it only me or do I look younger on the last picture? Maybe because of the dress? I don't know.

I told you on my previous blog that my hair colour didn't look good. So as you can see, I had my hair done! I availed for semi re-bond and hair colour which is dark blonde the day before this shoot. I hope my hair looks perfect now. Right? :)

Well, thanks to my friend, the owner for inviting me to this shoot. Also, I would like to thank you Michelle for allowing me to wear your heels. Thanks, babe! Please do visit her blog Michelle Styles for the latest trend and fashion tips. :)

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