Saturday, August 25, 2012


It was a Saturday and our family went out for a Mass at St. Claire to thank God for all the blessing bestowed upon us. Because I am now a Registered Nurse! (Will blog about it soon)

This is what I was wearing...

After the mass we had a stopover somewhere before going to Ronac for the ETC bazaar, my sister and I grabbed the chance and took pictures of our outfit!
My hair was tied up as usual.

Mustard top from a Bazaar
Jeggings (tights that looks jeans) from a Bazaar
Black flats from SM department store
(I bought the shoes for only 200php!) 
DIY necklace

I also tried putting my hair down.
I just love the windy effect, kinda!

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xoxo, A :)

Friday, August 24, 2012


I went to church last Thursday and this is what I was wearing...

I wasn't really sure if what I wore will look good. I once wore the top and paired it with a skirt and now I tried pairing it with jeans and did fold it to put a little notice to my shoes. So what can you say? :)

To add some spice I wore my orange statement necklace. 

This pose is awkward, sorry! Haha

Top from folded and hung
Jeans from a bazaar
Shoes from H&M

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Love Desserts

Do you love sweets/ desserts? Do you want unlimited shakes or milk tea? Or maybe cream puffs, cakes and cookies? Or do you love crepes and put any toppings? Well, I know a perfect place for you, your family or friends! LOVE DESSERTS :)

Unlimited desserts for only 199php! and satisfy yourselves with sweets, ice creams, shakes and a lot more!

Cream puffs / Cakes / Cupcakes / Empanadas etc..

I call this the "cold section"
Crepes / Ice creams / Halo halo / Milk tea / Shakes etc...

Love Desserts is located at Banawe St. corner del Monte Quezon City
Like their page on Facebook for more information :)

I hope you guys will try their unlimited desserts and taste it yourselves. Enjoy! :)

And of course I  took a picture of what I was wearing...

DIY Tribal Necklace
Romper from Get Laud
Sandals from Eastwood Bazaar

I love wearing this romper. It is comfortable to wear and I just added my DIY tribal necklace to spice up my look! =)) And also just tied up my hair to show some skin! Haha Simple yet head turning Hahaha Watcha think?

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Long and tall

I met up with my high school loves and this is what I wore...

Sorry for the picture, it was actually taken at the parking lot. As you can see, my wide leg pants made me look taller and made my legs look longer.

I was really worried that the lower part of my pants would get really wet if it rains but thank God the weather cooperated with me! =)

Top from Mango
Wide leg pants from Greenhills Bazaar
Yellow bag from Nine West
White Feather earrings from Divisoria
(and I bought it only for 25php)

Sorry for the awkward pose! Haha
and I don't know why my shoes seems black in color -_- It's not black!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer Hangover

It was in deed a sunny day so I've decided to wear a summer-ish outfit.

I love matching yellow with blue because I think it's a good color combination and to add some spice to my look, I wore an orange statement necklace. Plus my white candy ring and silver bangles.

I've decided to half ponytail my hair and again with that buffy thing on top (I really don't know how do you call that style) I love the windy effect on m hair!

Sorry if I was wearing slippers, I was too lazy to find a pair of sandals that will fit my look. So I tried my pink Havaianas, watcha think? :)

Blue top from Mango
Yellow skirt from Belle York
(It was originally straight at the bottom part, I did cut it to become a mullet skirt)
Pink slippers from Havaianas

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bluer than blue

I just used a Sony cybershot 12.1 mega pixel camera so I'm sorry if it's not that clear or whatsoever.

Blue striped dress from Mango

Turquoise blue statement necklace 

Black Heels from Charles & Keith

Actually, I'm not fond of wearing high heeled shoes. I bought it last June 2011 and used it as my school shoes because we weren't allowed to wear flats.

I got those earrings from my grandmother and I bought the anklet from girl shoppe 

Photo by Asia De Leon

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 xoxo, A

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy birthday, sissy!

Happy birthday Asia! You know I love you.

We weren't able to go out tonight because of the not so good weather but thanks to Goldilocks, they are still open for deliveries. Thanks to the delivery boy for risking his life, I know it was really raining hard. My sister couldn't just resist her favorite cake, sans rival! =)

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Currently, listening to Taylor Swift's Safe and sound. Good night loves! xoxo, A


So I've decided to join chictopia! =)

This was my first photo.
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Thanks so much everyone!

I enjoy life and I love life!

It makes me happy whenever I see cute jump shots!

Tinker bell top from H&M, pink shorts from SM department store and shoes from Lacoste

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Born Free top from H&M, pink shorts from SM department store plus DIY bracelets.

DIY bracelets!

I actually love trying different styles on my hair and I love to make that buffy thing above because it makes me look taller. 

xoxo, A :)