Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lady in Red

(Red dress: People are people // Black shoes: Chelsie // Black Pouch: Guess)

It was the day before the wedding that I bought the dress. The thing that I liked the most about the dress is the round cut at the back. Sexy isn't it? I had to wear a blazer at the church because my back was revealing but it's fine though. I also like the gold details in front on the clavicle line and you don't have to wear a statement necklace or whatsoever. I really wasn't able to ask my sister to take a picture of me before the wedding started because I enjoyed playing with my baby cousin so much. It was before we left that I remembered about it. Haha! 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve

It was the last day of the year and everyone's busy preparing for media noche. Well, you know what it is, non stop eating! And as what everyone said or sang, "it's the season to be chubby falalalala lalalala". We don't usually use firecrackers or I must say, we really don't. Every new year's eve, we just eat, play loud music, jump (of course! to be taller haha) and take pictures. When it's few minutes before twelve, me and my siblings go out to check the fireworks around us. It may not sound fun as to those who use firecrackers during new year's eve but for me and my family, spending time with each other (with or without paputok) until the clock strikes twelve will always be one of the happiest for me.

While everyone's still home, no booms and bangs yet. I took advantage of it and asked my ever loving brother to take pictures of me. My family's theme for the night was Blue. Since we were only staying at home, I've decided to wear shorts and borrowed my sister's glittery pumps. I told you, I'm not fond of wearing heels but since I assume that I wouldn't do a lot of walking, I've decided to wear one!

Blue sleeveless top: Bazaar
Silver Shorts: Riot
Black Pumps: Figliarina
Bracelets: DIY
Gold watch: Casio

My siblings were teasing me with my make up or I should say, my lips! Lakas maka Nicki Minaj, they say :)

Meet my loving brother, who takes pictures of me. Thank you so much! Happy new year, loves! xoxo, A :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Pink Dreams

It's been a tradition that every 24th of December, we'll be spending it at our grandmother's or aunt's. What I love about it, is that I get to see my relatives from the province that I only see once a year though I'm really not familiar with the family tree (father's side). And even though I'm already grown up, I got the chance to ask for ampao! Not sure with the term but the one in red where you put a peso and give it to the children. One of the many reasons why I love being a kid! :))) I just want to share a little of what happened to me, anyway... 

I was wearing a pink lace top and combined it with a navy blue skirt. I've decided not to wear red or green because it's the usual. And as what I have said in my previous blog entry, I believe that pink makes me look young and happy!

Just so you know, my outfit didn't cost much. I guess, I only spent less than 500php for the top and skirt. I just added pearl necklace for the classic chic look and used my vintage gold earrings that I got from my grandmother. Also, check out my gold Casio watch! Nice, right? :) -Maybe I'll show you a close view of it some other time! :)

You don't have to spend much for an outfit or for you to look good. You just have to be confident with yourself. Walk tall and proud. Remember, you are beautiful! :)) xoxo

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Girl in Pink

I believe pink makes me look young and happy. Yeah? :)
I can smell Christmas! Feels good :)... I was thinking of what colour to wear and I was actually thinking of gold but I thought of wearing it some other time. But anyway, I really admire my brother for giving me nice shots or the shots I really wanted to have.

What I love about my outfit is that it's comfortable to wear and I really didn't have a hard time doing the mix and match thing. I always go for the comfortable outfit at the same time, cute and happy :)

I so love this shot! Feels like I'm having a pictorial for a shampoo commercial. Right? (I am dreaming again. :)) ---I just want my long hair back. I miss it :(

Pink top - Terranova
Shorts - Cotton On
Neon Belt - Genevieve Gozum
Shoes - Cotton On

Photo taken by Adriel De Leon
We should learn to appreciate everything around us, big or small because life is beautiful. God made it beautiful because He loves us so much. This is the season to thank everyone for all the things they have done for us and it's time to give back, people. Merry Christmas! Enjoy and have fun. God bless :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cheers to Rihanna!

I've been listening to Rihanna's songs for like hours and I'm enjoying it!  I am not really a good singer and I admit that Haha but every time I'll hear some of her songs I couldn't help but sing it with emotions.

"UNFAITHFUL" - This was my favourite song when I was in high school. It's not because that I can relate to it or whatever Haha! But it's because this was the first Rihanna song that I memorized. :)

"TAKE A BOW" I love the song and video so much. Especially the "Please" part! Talking 'bout girl I love you You're the one. This just looks like a rerun. Please, what else is on? Don't tell me you're sorry 'cause you're not. And baby when I know you're only sorry you got caught. I tend to sing it with emotions. Haha You bet!

"LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE" Eminem's lyrics really has sense unlike other rappers. Do you actually know that the song has part two? Check it out. Click Here!

Sometimes we realize that the person is important to us when they're already gone. We look for them, please them and beg them to come back to our lives but we know that not all the time second chances are applicable. We also, sometimes, like hurting ourselves that even though they're pushing you away. You keep on coming back. Or maybe you just want to hurt yourself and wait 'till you get tired and stop.

"DIAMONDS" And here's her latest music video. This song is already stuck in my head.

I really wanted to post more music videos but I think that's going to take time. So I just posted some of the songs that became part of my life. Haha Yeah, because I was singing it in school. Lol! Oh yeah? Haha I know we all love Rihanna, that's why we can't stop ourselves from admiring her songs :) xoxo