Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Pink Dreams

It's been a tradition that every 24th of December, we'll be spending it at our grandmother's or aunt's. What I love about it, is that I get to see my relatives from the province that I only see once a year though I'm really not familiar with the family tree (father's side). And even though I'm already grown up, I got the chance to ask for ampao! Not sure with the term but the one in red where you put a peso and give it to the children. One of the many reasons why I love being a kid! :))) I just want to share a little of what happened to me, anyway... 

I was wearing a pink lace top and combined it with a navy blue skirt. I've decided not to wear red or green because it's the usual. And as what I have said in my previous blog entry, I believe that pink makes me look young and happy!

Just so you know, my outfit didn't cost much. I guess, I only spent less than 500php for the top and skirt. I just added pearl necklace for the classic chic look and used my vintage gold earrings that I got from my grandmother. Also, check out my gold Casio watch! Nice, right? :) -Maybe I'll show you a close view of it some other time! :)

You don't have to spend much for an outfit or for you to look good. You just have to be confident with yourself. Walk tall and proud. Remember, you are beautiful! :)) xoxo

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Girl in Pink

I believe pink makes me look young and happy. Yeah? :)
I can smell Christmas! Feels good :)... I was thinking of what colour to wear and I was actually thinking of gold but I thought of wearing it some other time. But anyway, I really admire my brother for giving me nice shots or the shots I really wanted to have.

What I love about my outfit is that it's comfortable to wear and I really didn't have a hard time doing the mix and match thing. I always go for the comfortable outfit at the same time, cute and happy :)

I so love this shot! Feels like I'm having a pictorial for a shampoo commercial. Right? (I am dreaming again. :)) ---I just want my long hair back. I miss it :(

Pink top - Terranova
Shorts - Cotton On
Neon Belt - Genevieve Gozum
Shoes - Cotton On

Photo taken by Adriel De Leon
We should learn to appreciate everything around us, big or small because life is beautiful. God made it beautiful because He loves us so much. This is the season to thank everyone for all the things they have done for us and it's time to give back, people. Merry Christmas! Enjoy and have fun. God bless :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cheers to Rihanna!

I've been listening to Rihanna's songs for like hours and I'm enjoying it!  I am not really a good singer and I admit that Haha but every time I'll hear some of her songs I couldn't help but sing it with emotions.

"UNFAITHFUL" - This was my favourite song when I was in high school. It's not because that I can relate to it or whatever Haha! But it's because this was the first Rihanna song that I memorized. :)

"TAKE A BOW" I love the song and video so much. Especially the "Please" part! Talking 'bout girl I love you You're the one. This just looks like a rerun. Please, what else is on? Don't tell me you're sorry 'cause you're not. And baby when I know you're only sorry you got caught. I tend to sing it with emotions. Haha You bet!

"LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE" Eminem's lyrics really has sense unlike other rappers. Do you actually know that the song has part two? Check it out. Click Here!

Sometimes we realize that the person is important to us when they're already gone. We look for them, please them and beg them to come back to our lives but we know that not all the time second chances are applicable. We also, sometimes, like hurting ourselves that even though they're pushing you away. You keep on coming back. Or maybe you just want to hurt yourself and wait 'till you get tired and stop.

"DIAMONDS" And here's her latest music video. This song is already stuck in my head.

I really wanted to post more music videos but I think that's going to take time. So I just posted some of the songs that became part of my life. Haha Yeah, because I was singing it in school. Lol! Oh yeah? Haha I know we all love Rihanna, that's why we can't stop ourselves from admiring her songs :) xoxo

Monday, December 10, 2012

Random thoughts

We all have different experiences in life. We cried, we became upset, we were down, we were judged, humiliated, we were broken and a lot more. It's all part of growing up and being strong. Everything in life has a purpose everything happens for a reason. So if you live your life in the past, you might screw your present and might not make a better future. You shouldn't forget and we all know that everything that happened in the past will never be forgotten but we should all learn from it. Our past experiences are lessons that will help us be better in our present life. We commit mistakes not to repeat it but to learn from it.

Never ever mind those people who doesn't believe in you. Never ever let them define who you are. Remind yourself, you are strong and beautiful. You can do anything and everything you want to do. You can! People may laugh at you and people might judge you but try not to care because that is who you are. Don't mind the haters, you don't have to please them. Embrace yourself for who you are and believe in yourself. There will always be discrimination and inequality. You just need to learn how to fight back and be more confident with yourself.

We are young so we should enjoy life and enjoy the people around us. We all have our family and friends, they are always there for us. Let's all try to do our best to be happy and contented. Happiness is contagious, so let's always put a smile to our face and share it with everyone.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Online Store

And for the nth time, late post again!

Last November, I received a message from a friend inviting me to do a shoot for her online store. What do you expect my reaction would be? Of course I said yes immediately! I actually want to become a Barbie doll one day just to wear different outfits and the thought of it makes me smile. I do love dressing up and I love wearing dresses. The thing that scared me or I should say I was kind of hesitant that time because I'm not use to wearing high heeled shoes. I don't have hot pairs of stilleto or whatever pumps you call that. Haha Good thing, friends brought shoes with them and some fits me well! :)

These are some pairs. I know they really look lovely but my feet really hurt when I wore those. What kind of girl am I right? Haha But I'll get use to it, I should, I must! (Really huh?)

So here are some of the dresses I modelled. Click here and check out more clothes!

Dresses were from Bangkok. I so love colourful outfits, really! It's making my mood light and happy.

Is it only me or do I look younger on the last picture? Maybe because of the dress? I don't know.

I told you on my previous blog that my hair colour didn't look good. So as you can see, I had my hair done! I availed for semi re-bond and hair colour which is dark blonde the day before this shoot. I hope my hair looks perfect now. Right? :)

Well, thanks to my friend, the owner for inviting me to this shoot. Also, I would like to thank you Michelle for allowing me to wear your heels. Thanks, babe! Please do visit her blog Michelle Styles for the latest trend and fashion tips. :)

Born Free

It was the day when we saw our cousins again! We were so excited because the last time we saw each other was three years ago (or more) I really can't remember. We picked them up somewhere South and I was happy to find out empty lots around the house, where they stayed for couple of days. And you know what it is! Thanks to my brother for taking pictures of me and thanks to my father for taking pictures of my brother taking picture of me! (Does it sound like a tongue twister? Haha) Anyhow, these are the pictures...

Photos were taken by my brother.
Shoes Cotton On
Green Pants Forever 21
Top "Born Free" Cotton On

Photos were taken by my father
And as you can see, I love jump shots. It's so fun and jump shots put more life to pictures. Yeah, for me! I was really trying the Micheal Jordan dunk on the second photo. I know... not enough! Haha By the way, excuse my tummy for being so big. :)

Clarity Peace Serenity

Have you ever felt like you wanted to spend the whole day just with yourself? And all you wanted was peace of mind?

For the past months, I was stressed and blue and all I wanted was time alone. Not alone, but maybe time for myself and time to think about everything I have been through. I must say over thinking wasn't a good idea but you can't stop yourself from over thinking and over analysing stuff. Good thing I have my family and friends who's always there to support me and cheer me up. I don't have tell them what exactly I'm feeling, they just know... Okay enough! I don't want to be dramatic or whatsoever because too much drama can kill you! Haha.

I sat on the grass while waiting for us to leave the area and my father took a picture of me. The picture wasn't really the perfect type for the "nature kind of thing" but I like it because it was perfect for my "Clarity Peace Serenity" emote! Haha So thanks, pa! :)

Sorry for those man made structures at the background.

I actually wanted to have a pose that looks like "I am one with nature" but I didn't get that. Well, sorry. Maybe next time? :) Excuse my hair colour! I told you I was stressed but it's better now. :)

By the way, this is also a super late post just like my previous blog.

Monday, December 3, 2012

At the park

Super late post! I think photos were taken last October?

It was a Sunday and of course, family day! Parents decided to meet up with friends at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wild Life and it was my first time to be there. We've met different photographers and models and did their photo shoot at the place. All photos were taken by Lennox.tpc :)

Good thing I was wearing a comfortable outfit, perfect for the weather and perfect for the place! I was wearing my favourite DIY mullet skirt with my Mango top.

The necklace was give to me by my Tita and I really don't know where it came from.
Blue cardigan: Green hills Bazaar

I really didn't know how or what pose should I do. HAHA So here! :)

Earrings: Vintage (from my grandmother)
The black and white shot that never gets old. Lovely and meaningful.

Meet my lovely sisters and I made those necklaces! :) My brother didn't want to have a solo picture.

I so love this shot! The picture speaks for itself, I must say :) Credits to lennox.tpc Thank you for all the wonderful pictures. Till next time!