Sunday, December 9, 2012

Clarity Peace Serenity

Have you ever felt like you wanted to spend the whole day just with yourself? And all you wanted was peace of mind?

For the past months, I was stressed and blue and all I wanted was time alone. Not alone, but maybe time for myself and time to think about everything I have been through. I must say over thinking wasn't a good idea but you can't stop yourself from over thinking and over analysing stuff. Good thing I have my family and friends who's always there to support me and cheer me up. I don't have tell them what exactly I'm feeling, they just know... Okay enough! I don't want to be dramatic or whatsoever because too much drama can kill you! Haha.

I sat on the grass while waiting for us to leave the area and my father took a picture of me. The picture wasn't really the perfect type for the "nature kind of thing" but I like it because it was perfect for my "Clarity Peace Serenity" emote! Haha So thanks, pa! :)

Sorry for those man made structures at the background.

I actually wanted to have a pose that looks like "I am one with nature" but I didn't get that. Well, sorry. Maybe next time? :) Excuse my hair colour! I told you I was stressed but it's better now. :)

By the way, this is also a super late post just like my previous blog.

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