Sunday, December 9, 2012

Born Free

It was the day when we saw our cousins again! We were so excited because the last time we saw each other was three years ago (or more) I really can't remember. We picked them up somewhere South and I was happy to find out empty lots around the house, where they stayed for couple of days. And you know what it is! Thanks to my brother for taking pictures of me and thanks to my father for taking pictures of my brother taking picture of me! (Does it sound like a tongue twister? Haha) Anyhow, these are the pictures...

Photos were taken by my brother.
Shoes Cotton On
Green Pants Forever 21
Top "Born Free" Cotton On

Photos were taken by my father
And as you can see, I love jump shots. It's so fun and jump shots put more life to pictures. Yeah, for me! I was really trying the Micheal Jordan dunk on the second photo. I know... not enough! Haha By the way, excuse my tummy for being so big. :)

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