Thursday, September 20, 2012

Olympic Hangover

So I wanna share with you my first ever DIY shorts I made few months ago then I added the American flag at the back pockets during the Olympic days. I paired it with a cute blue top with sequins on the chest part.

The American flag on my pockets were sewn by hands. Of course, by me! I did learn sewing when I was in grade school. Though I am not an expert, it was sewn perfectly by a beginner! HAHA What do you think? :)

Wore bangles to spice up my look!
White watch from G-shock 

Shoes from Lacoste
Those shoes are really comfortable to wear! And just so you know, I don't like tying shoe laces so I removed it so that I can wear them easily :) Perfect outfit for a sunny day!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Black and White

So I've tried experimenting the white sheer top, I borrowed from my sister. I think the black and white combination will always make you look, kind of formal? So here it is...

For you to really not look awkward I suggest to wear a skin tone bra, definitely! I guess, you don't want others looking on your chest part because the color of your bra is too striking. And as you can see, I was wearing a super cute neon neck piece just to add some fun to the black and white combination that made me look too serious -- Well, I am not :) 

White sheer top paired with black bubble skirt

Then paired it with black tights/ leggings
In this photo I was trying to walk slowly. HAHA I'm sorry if it looks funny ;)

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I am cotton on, are you?

Since everyone is excited to see the first ever branch of cotton on in the Philippines... and I am one of you guys!

White top from Cotton On
Navy Shorts from Cotton On

Topsider from Somewhere on Earth
Orange Bangles from Escada 

I am very much excited to see the Cotton On branch located at SM Mall of Asia. Though I heard that it is a little bit pricey compared to other countries. I just hope I could get a cute find or something worth the price, but of course there will be! Right? I just hope I can get a chance to visit the store SOON please :))

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I wanna be, forever young

I bought this dress years ago, two or three, I guess? And yes, still fits me.What I love about this dress is that it looks like a skirt and top paired together. I actually love wearing dresses, aside that it is comfortable to wear, when I'm in a rush I don't need to mix and match anymore or whatsoever! Just get that piece in your wardrobe then puff! You're ready to go :)

Dress from Bayo
Bag from my Aunt
Shoes from Cotton On
(Sorry I thought my shoes was from H&M, I labeled it as "Shoes from H&M" from my previous blog entry)

Wearing this dress makes me feel like a teenager again! But don't get me wrong... I'm not that old! I just miss those days when I go to school and the only worry I had back then was to pass all my subjects and graduate on time. Well, congratulations to me it all happened :) ...So I don't wanna get emotional about me getting old because I know everyone is experiencing it. LOL

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Sunday, September 9, 2012


I was checking on my closet and found dresses/ rompers that I haven't used for quite sometime now. I used to buy clothes every now and then way back in college, especially if it's on sale! I actually like buying clothes from Plains & Prints though I know their style is too mature for me (I was in my teenage years back then that's why) but whatever. I love their clothes because it looks sophisticated and elegant. So going back... I got the chance to wear my romper again! :)

Romper from Plains & Prints
Red flats from Celine
Bag given by my Aunt

My godmother invited us to the toy expo and check out her designs and stuff and then I took advantage of it and asked my papa to take pictures of me. So here are some the pictures!

Bumble Bee and my awkward smile

Incredible Hulk! I feel same when I'm with you Lalalala Hahaha!

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