Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I wanna be, forever young

I bought this dress years ago, two or three, I guess? And yes, still fits me.What I love about this dress is that it looks like a skirt and top paired together. I actually love wearing dresses, aside that it is comfortable to wear, when I'm in a rush I don't need to mix and match anymore or whatsoever! Just get that piece in your wardrobe then puff! You're ready to go :)

Dress from Bayo
Bag from my Aunt
Shoes from Cotton On
(Sorry I thought my shoes was from H&M, I labeled it as "Shoes from H&M" from my previous blog entry)

Wearing this dress makes me feel like a teenager again! But don't get me wrong... I'm not that old! I just miss those days when I go to school and the only worry I had back then was to pass all my subjects and graduate on time. Well, congratulations to me it all happened :) ...So I don't wanna get emotional about me getting old because I know everyone is experiencing it. LOL

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