Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve

It was the last day of the year and everyone's busy preparing for media noche. Well, you know what it is, non stop eating! And as what everyone said or sang, "it's the season to be chubby falalalala lalalala". We don't usually use firecrackers or I must say, we really don't. Every new year's eve, we just eat, play loud music, jump (of course! to be taller haha) and take pictures. When it's few minutes before twelve, me and my siblings go out to check the fireworks around us. It may not sound fun as to those who use firecrackers during new year's eve but for me and my family, spending time with each other (with or without paputok) until the clock strikes twelve will always be one of the happiest for me.

While everyone's still home, no booms and bangs yet. I took advantage of it and asked my ever loving brother to take pictures of me. My family's theme for the night was Blue. Since we were only staying at home, I've decided to wear shorts and borrowed my sister's glittery pumps. I told you, I'm not fond of wearing heels but since I assume that I wouldn't do a lot of walking, I've decided to wear one!

Blue sleeveless top: Bazaar
Silver Shorts: Riot
Black Pumps: Figliarina
Bracelets: DIY
Gold watch: Casio

My siblings were teasing me with my make up or I should say, my lips! Lakas maka Nicki Minaj, they say :)

Meet my loving brother, who takes pictures of me. Thank you so much! Happy new year, loves! xoxo, A :)

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