Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer Hangover

It was in deed a sunny day so I've decided to wear a summer-ish outfit.

I love matching yellow with blue because I think it's a good color combination and to add some spice to my look, I wore an orange statement necklace. Plus my white candy ring and silver bangles.

I've decided to half ponytail my hair and again with that buffy thing on top (I really don't know how do you call that style) I love the windy effect on m hair!

Sorry if I was wearing slippers, I was too lazy to find a pair of sandals that will fit my look. So I tried my pink Havaianas, watcha think? :)

Blue top from Mango
Yellow skirt from Belle York
(It was originally straight at the bottom part, I did cut it to become a mullet skirt)
Pink slippers from Havaianas

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xoxo, A :)

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